I would like to offer free {community supported} acupuncture for Police Officers!

How it will work: Soul Shine Healing will be taking donations from the community and putting the money toward offering much needed services to Police Officers in our surrounding communities. Soul Shine Healing will also be MATCHING the donations received {up to $1000}.

This way, any officer who is in need of some stress relief and TLC, can do so! I think this is a great way, that as a community, we can thank our Officers for keeping us safe and putting their life on the line every day.

These treatments will be focused on Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture and provide an overall balancing, stress reducing, + relaxing treatment.

Any funds collected, above and beyond what is used for treatments, will be donated back to the Police Departments in our area!

I would love to do this for other professions, but I feel like this is a great place to start!

 You can donate any denomination. But, if you wanted to donate 1 acupuncture treatment, it would just be $50 since Soul Shine Healing is matching it!

Simple as that, let’s show them our support!

Thank you so much and thank you to the Police Officers who serve our communities day in and day out.